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Hi there! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. My name is Nance Biswas. I was born and raised in the Philippines. Growing up in the said country, I learned English as my second language. Tagalog is my mother tongue so please show so much grace if I write something awkward in English. šŸ™‚

My late father was a military officer and my dear mom is a faithful jolly homemaker.

I am now happily married to a dynamic Bangladeshi servant of God, which explains why I now reside in Dhaka. Living in this mission field is one of the greatest blessings in my life since I get to see how God answers our prayers for people. Other privileges in staying hereĀ includeĀ learning this country’s language (i.e Bengali), culture and cuisine.

My deep interest in missions developed when I joined in different church activities involving evangelism. I was able to confirm God’s calling to missions when I attended a youth summer camp in 2004. Since then, I decided to study in Bob Jones Memorial Bible College. That’s where I got my degree in Biblical Studies and that’s also where I met my Bangladeshi missionary-husband. Prior to that, I studied BA Mass Communication for a year in a university near our place.

After my husband’s graduation from our college was our wedding. My husband and IĀ wantedĀ to have a child three years after our wedding but I guess God deemed it best to bless us with a bundle of joy right after our honeymoon. Little did I know, God would use my baby to comfort me when I experience homesickness here in my adopted homeland.


My purpose in creating this blog is to pen lessons I learn in my Christian life. I know that there are a lot of better blogs out in the world now but I hope to inspire and challenge my readersĀ in my own little way to know God better through His Word and through His working in theirĀ life. I may add a few miscellany about my whereabouts and special events. šŸ˜‰


What this blog will be about.

It’s my desire to use whatever time, talent, and treasure I have to bring glory to the God of the Bible, the one I worship and love.

Find out here why I desire to please God alone in my life.


1. I love eating but I find it hard to gain weight.

2. I enjoy playing volleyball, table tennis, badminton and any active sports.

3. I’m never an expert cook but I love cooking! Can I say that again? I love cooking and trying out new recipes. Yes. I can cook several Filipino, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Spanish and Italian dishes. If I get a chance to watch TV, I immediately look for cooking programs.

4. If I have spare time, I try to make handicrafts. I just don’t enjoy being idle.

5. I love talking to old people and listening to their words of wisdom.

6. I can play the piano, just a little bit.

7. My greatest fear in life is to be out of the center of God’s will.

8. IĀ love wedding pictures and videos!

9. I always missĀ my Mommy.

10. I love pizza and any dish made with cheese! Now, I am craving forĀ some cheesy chips, cheesy veggies, cheese bread, cheesy meat and cheese itself! šŸ˜‰

11. I love reading books when I have spare time.

12. Ooooopppps, here’s the last one about me, Jesus is all the world to me. Why? Here’s the reason.

Well, I guess you can get to know more about my personality as I publish posts in the future. See you again soon.

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4 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. Hi Nance thank you for creating this very inspiring blog! I am a Filipino and a Christian too and learning your blog is quite a blessing! šŸ™‚ May God continue to bless you and your Family! Praise be to God through Christ Jesus!

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