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My First-Ever Mother’s Day Card

I am so enthralled today. It’s Sunday but students in Dhaka go to school on Sundays.

For this reason, Joanna, my daughter, went to her class.

What she brought home surprised me a lot.

I am not talking about all the perfect scores on her exams from last week. Although, I praise God for helping her pass her exams. 🙂

I am talking about something more special than that. It’s none other than her first-ever DIY mother’s day card for me. 

She said, “Mom, ami tumar jonno card ansi.” (i.e. Mom, I brought a card for you.)

She took out that special card from her bag and what I saw really touched my heart.

First-Ever Mother's Day Card from Joanna 001.jpg

“I love you, Mom.” she said sweetly.

I couldn’t but hug her tight!

I just realized that mothers around the world are more than blessed to have children who love them back unconditionally. I’m one of them so I praise the Lord for this gift of motherhood.

To all the mothers around the world, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! 🙂 May you continue to enjoy this rewarding journey of being called a mother. You are a blessing to your family. Stay blessed. 🙂


Leaning on Jesus,