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5 Apps Worth Installing If You Are Seeking Spiritual Growth

I once found a striking quote that says,

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I totally agree and I would like to borrow its style and amend it a bit to make it suitable to what I am about to share with you. I would say that,

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When I went back to the Philippines early in 2017, I had a chance to buy my very first affordable brand new smartphone from Oppo as recommended by a dear friend. One of my prayers is for God to enable me to use it for His glory.

To do so, I installed a few apps, which I thought would help me grow continually as a child of God. Now I am listing down the apps I found really beneficial for my spiritual nourishment.

Bible Schedule App

1. Bible Schedule. If you look for it on Google Playstore, it should look like the image on the left if you are reading this post on a PC. I used to follow Bible reading plans printed at the back of my Bible or a plan printed on a sheet of paper. After installing this app though, I found it convenient to check my Bible Reading Assignment daily on my smartphone.

This app offers variety of Bible Reading Plans. I followed the sequential plan this year and hopefully, this year will be my tenth year of finishing the Bible from cover to cover after becoming a Christian. You may choose to read the Bible chronologically or anyway you want using the app. I assure you that it will help you stay motivated in trying to know God better by reading your Bible systematically.

Reading the books of the Bible in order will be my goal next year, Lord willing.

Bible Schedule App (1)

2. Logos Bible. What I love about this app it is it provides access to wonderful ebooks. How I wish Kindle app was available in Bangladesh or that Kindle Reader could be shipped here! However, it is a blessing that God led me to this app as this serves almost the same purpose as Kindle does in providing quality ebooks. The advantage of this app though is its niche–it specifically caters to Christian readers and provides Christianity-related epubs. Right now, I am enjoying reading a soul-stirring ebook named “The Necessity of Prayer” by E. M. Bounds using this app.

Bible Schedule App (2)

3. Pray Through. This app is only highly recommendable for people who can stay focused on praying while using their phone. I would like to mention that this app is helpful in enlisting prayer requests and helps you feel accomplished in remembering the people who asked you to intercede for them. As you reach your list’s end, it will give you a prompt saying that your list for the day is finished. I still keep my written prayer list on my journal and use it to avoid distraction. If you happen to be reading this, I will be privileged to pray for you as one of the ministries I have decided to revive this year is praying for others. Please write me a private message on my Facebook page.

Bible Schedule App (5)

4. Bible.is. I have been using this app even on my old Symphony Smartphone in the past until now. It is really handy when reading through difficult books in the Bible (e.g. prophetic books and a few books in Pentateuch like Leviticus and Numbers). I must admit that reading the said sections can doze me off so I find the dramatized reading of the passages from those sections absolutely helpful. Please note that while listening to this app, I still keep my Bible open and follow the reading assignment with my eyes (wide open!) 🙂

Bible Schedule App (6)

5. Abiding Radio. This is an online streaming of both old and contemporary hymns. You may choose to listen to instrumental, sacred, kids’ and seasonal arranged hymns. It also features different Christian musicians and groups of singers so expect to be blessed and edified by the songs you’ll hear from this app. Their songs are mostly deplete with Bible-based lyrics and heavenly melody and harmony.

This might look like a very limited list and I don’t claim to know all the best Christian apps around but the ones I mentioned are proven to be helpful. I would love to discover more apps and maybe you are the one who can help me find more apps that are worth installing. Please share them with me and other readers of this blog in the comment box below. 🙂

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My prayer is that we, His children, will be consumed with a desire to know Him deeper by saturating our minds and hearts with things about Him. Doing this entails facing a lot of tests from God to see if we would live out what we learn from His word. It can also mean struggling with attacks from Satan to make us doubt God’s love and mercy. The only way we can triumph over the blitz of the devil to make us down is by putting on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20). I hope the apps I mentioned above will help you strengthen your faith and relationship with our loving and ever-faithful God.

As I always say, enjoy your journey with God!