A Bundle of Joy

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To some extent, I do agree.

Last week, I was browsing my Facebook account and saw a very touching video about parents’ sacrifices for their children.

After watching the said video, I wept discreetly.

I suddenly missed my mom. As you all know, I am here in Bangladesh to support my husband in doing what God has called him to do. It is inevitable that I get homesick at times and it hits me out of the blue.

My daughter came to the room where I was, minutes later. She noticed that my eyes were wet with tears.

Joanna (my daughter): “Why are you crying Mom?” 
Me: I just miss your Lola (grandma). She’s so far. 
Joanna: (hugged and kissed me).

My daughter ran to the open window and started shouting.

“Lola, Mom kande for you.” (i.e. Grandma, Mom is crying for you.) She thought that her grandma can hear her.

She came back to me and sat on my lap. She said with all her innocence and sincerity.

“Mom, don’t be sad. I’m here. Don’t be problem.* Don’t be silly.”

I got so moved by my daughter’s effort to comfort me. I know that her grammar is not perfect since her first language is Bangla. What she said, though, made me realize is that she’s, indeed, a bundle of joy.

I guffawed at the end because it’s true that I shouldn’t “be silly” anyway. Someday, in God’s time, I will see my mother again. I just need to trust God as He shows my family the perfect timing to visit her again.

If you, like me, have a daughter who is there for you when you are despondent, rejoice! Remember that God has blessed you with a very loving child!

It’s undeniable that children are reminders of God’s love and comfort. They are indeed, a reward from God (Psalm 127:3).

What are the funny and yet moving conversations you had with your child? How many times has God comforted your soul through him or her?

I hope that you can appreciate God’s reward (i.e. your children) to you daily. You are blessed. 🙂

Leaning on Jesus,

P.S: I think she meant, “Don’t think about your problem.” (lol!) Isn’t my daughter funny? 🙂




17 thoughts on “A Bundle of Joy

  1. My own boys have helped comfort me many times, but I also have the privilege of leading a children’s ministry. And without a doubt, our volunteers come away each week amazed at the way the kids bless THEM (and not the other way around as you would assume). Children are such a precious gift!

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  2. How very sweet! I am going through a very rough patch right now, and there have been days when I have sat in my room with the door closed, just crying. A couple times my son has found me and checked to make sure I was ok. His caring made everything just a little bit better. Children surely are blessings!

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  3. Touching story. I’m curious about when you said this is where my husband’s hearts at. My husband and I serve in our church. I’m a Sunday school teacher he’s the head youth leader. I go only to support him but my hearts not in it…. I have a lot of respect for your guys’ ministry.

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  4. This is a beautiful story. I cannot begin to understand just how hard that is, but I hope that time does come soon so that you can be reunited. As the youngest of 8 children, I know my Mother often missed her Mom (my grandmother) who was out of state. With a large family, it was hard to get away and travel, and know it was difficult for her. While my husband and I are still waiting for children to come, I found myself smiling as I read this sweet story of you and your daughter. How precious she is! May God continue to bless you and your family as you fulfill the calling He has put on your lives. -xx Anna

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