Day 1: Bible Lands Exploration 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be publishing some photos of the places we visited in the Bible Lands as time permits. Forgive me for taking a long time to do so. Life can be busy as you can also relate. 🙂

Anyway, to honor my promise, I am sharing this post with you. 🙂

Can you guess how many pictures I have taken from the recent trip we had in Israel and Jordan? It’s about a thousand, not to mention that there were days when my camera ran out of battery during the day!

Oh no! I am not gonna share all the photos I have captured or else you might fall asleep while browsing this virtual gallery. (lol!) I will only include a few chosen ones from our exploration.

Please enjoy! I hope and pray that God will grant your desire to see this land as well in the future!

DAY 1: Our itinerary included:

Feb. 29, 2016 Arrival in Amman.jpg

Then we met our beautiful Jordanian tour guide.

Jihan, our Jordanian Tour Guide.jpg

She passionately introduced us to Jordan. She mentioned that her home country is remarkably more peaceful than other Muslim countries surrounding them. I agreed with her after meeting a few friendly Jordanian strangers.


Madaba Visitors Center

on the way to Madaba.jpg

We walked through a narrow town street for a few minutes to get to see St. George’s church. We found a few souvenir stores on our way and met friendly people including these kids.


Many shops sell showpieces made with Mosaic stones.

When we finally found St. George’s Church, we were reminded that no tourist guide can explain anything out loud inside the church so Jihan gave us a thorough explanation regarding why this place is significant in a separate meeting room. She said that Madaba Mosaic Map is on the floor of this church. If you would check Wikipedia, it says that,

“The Madaba Map is a map of the Middle East. Part of it contains the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land and especially Jerusalem. It dates to the 6th century AD.”

Please take a look:

Madaba Mosaic Map.JPG

Here’s a restored copy of the Madaba Mosaic Map from Wikipedia:
Here are some parts of St. George Church:

Parts of St. George Church.jpg

Most of the art pieces on the wall are made with hands using colorful stones.

After our stop at St. George’s Church, we had a quick snack at a local food shop.

Jordanian Cookie (2)

One of the freebies the store owners shared with us is “bazareh” or cookies covered with sesame seeds. I guarantee you that is a must-try in Jordan. I’m planning to bake this for my daughter at home. It’s pretty easy I guess. 🙂 Some of the members of our trip tried pomegranate juice but I didn’t, all because I thought pomegranates in Bangladesh look fresher. The ones I saw in Jordan and even in Israel were a little too dry on the outside.

We got on our tour bus and Jihan brought us to a restaurant for lunch.

Jordanian Lunch

We had buffet lunch there and paid $15. Options included were rice, pita bread, pasta, and other local dishes. My plate is a little messy because I only remembered to take photos after taking bites of these delicious dishes. (lol!)

We went to see Mount Nebo next.

Plains of Moab

We viewed the plains of Moab while we were on our way to Mount Nebo. We saw a few olive trees over here. From this point, Jordan River can be viewed as well.

Stone Stela.jpg

On our way to the “spot” where Moses viewed God’s promised land to the Israelites, Ms. Jihan introduced us to this sculpture with three facades. It’s called Stone Stela, which is made by an Italian artist in honor of Pope Francis’ visit on this significant mountain.

Mt. Nebo.JPG

After our not-so-arduous hike, we finally reached the “spot” where Moses is believed to have stood while God was showing him Canaan. We had our group photo over there. Right across that “spot” was the Brazen Serpent’s Model.

Bronze Serpent (1).jpgAfter our hike, we all sat down and listened to Dr. Berrey’s admonition. What the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart the most was the act of Moses that disqualified him from actually leading the Israelites into the promised land experiencing life there all because of anger.

The admonition Dr. Berrey gave us made me realize that anger can make us miss God’s blessings. It seems to be a simple sin, but I agree that anger can make us miss opportunities to win the lost around us. We have to be very careful. We always need to ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit to help us control our sinful nature.


The next stop we had was at a souvenir store called Nebo Pearl Shop. We saw that most of the mosaic art collections sold there were intricately designed and made by some handicapped people.

Dead sea.jpg

We ended our first day of exploration at a hotel beside the Dead Sea. It was a wonderful experience to float on this sea which is also known as Salt Sea or Siddim in the Bible.

We praise God for keeping us all safe and healthy while exploring our itinerary on that first day. I enjoyed not only seeing the places in Jordan, but also God’s provision of food and fellowship with new friends from Singapore.

Plains of Moab

Revelations 15:3

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