6 Reasons “Capture His Heart” by Lysa Terkeust is Worth-Reading

There was a time when my family and I had to stay for a while in my sister-in-law’s house after my minor surgery in summer of 2012. In her house, she had a few Christian books in English and one of them was “Capture His Heart” by Lysa Terkeust! It was a wedding gift she received from a godly friend.

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I was always delighted to find an English Christian book in Bangladesh. Finding a stupendous Christian book here is both difficult and expensive.

To make the long story short, I borrowed her book and believe me! The book was quite engaging that I finished it in one seating.

Now, my sister-in-law had to move to Australia with her husband. I am thankful to her for leaving the book with me.

For the sake of writing this review, I read it again and it is as engaging as before! It’s nice to remind myself of the things I have learned from this wonderful book about how a wife can capture her husband’s heart over and over.

Here are my six reasons I believe “Capture His Heart” is worth-reading:

  1. It’s filled with short inspiring marriage stories.
    Even Mrs. Terkeust shared her personal marriage stories. This only reflects her generosity in sharing the lessons she has been learning from God’s words and from people’s experiences.
  2. It’s useful for church counselors.
    This book is filled with verses on marriage and different true stories which can help counselors understand possible marriage problems in the world.
  3. It’s short.
    If you are a busy mother or wife, you can still manage to read a chapter when your kids are at school or if your toddlers are taking their naps.
  4. It’s filled with quotable quotes.
    Here’s one of them:

    Prioritize God

    Prioritize God

  5. Each chapter has effective tips on how to improve your marriage.
    I can testify that my marriage is getting sweeter each day despite external challenges.
  6. It’s shareable with your friends.
    Just as how excited I am to lend this book to one of my friends, I am sure that you would end up telling how wonderful this book is to your friends so please grab your own copy now.

I cannot think of anything negative about this book. I am blessed and encouraged to indeed capture my husband’s heart daily for God’s glory. I hope and pray that you are also enjoying God’s wonderful gift of marriage.

Leaning on Jesus,


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