There’s Hope

Reading through Job 17-19 this morning is just very timely for our recent testing–something that I cannot really share publicly.

It’s always comforting to find encouragement from God’s word when trepidation come in waves to your face.

As I read my personal Bible reading assignment this morning, I saw that Job’s self-pity and lamentation over his tribulation were evident in his words (Job 17) and yet his faith and hope did not fade. He even said,

-I know that my Redeemer lives...-

“Job’s description of his ‘Redeemer’ as one who ‘lives’ and his following reference to ‘God’ indicate he believes that God is the One who ultimately will vindicate him…” -ESV Study Bible notes, p.899

Are you going through trials and feeling abandoned, forgotten or misunderstood by your family, friends, and even by your own self? That’s natural. Even Job went through that stage. Let us follow Job’s example of putting his hope in God. Let’s be mindful that our Redeemer lives. He will vindicate us. Cheer up! 🙂

9 thoughts on “There’s Hope

  1. Christians often forget that having Christ in our lives doesn’t equate to happiness. Joy is understanding the redemption, but it is not a feeling. I usually refer back to David, whose stories were wrought with emotion, and at times even questioning God and what was going on. It’s how we choose to act on those thoughts that makes all the difference.

    Great post!

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  2. When people ask for one word to describe myself I often turn to the term “redeemed.” Ultimately, we are redeemed who believe in Jesus Christ. We have a great Redeemer who is holy, powerful, mighty, good, sacrificial, courageous, and loving. This is a great reminder for any of us going through difficult times. Thanks for the encouragement!

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